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Engineering Your Success
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Just Train

$50pw or $500 P&S*

  • 12-week Personalised Program

  • Intent Training App

    This option offers you a personalised login to our “Intent App” making it easy for you to train anytime, anywhere. Your personalised program includes demonstrational videos so you don't get frustrated or lose focus during your workouts. You can also track all of your weights lifted and any other relevant information, making it easy to track your progress and not guess how hard you pushed yourself during your previous session.


Train & Fuel

$70pw or $700 P&S*

  • "Just Train” plus,

  • Nutritional Guidance & Macronutrient Plan

    This option educates you on the nutritional aspect of reaching your goals. You receive an individualised daily calorific goal, with set protein, carbohydrate and fat targets. You'll also receive an information booklet to help you understand the role of hydration, sleep, meal timing and nutrients in the body.


Train, Fuel & Learn

$90pw or $900 P&S*

  • “Train & Fuel” plus,

  • Be Part of a Fitness Community

  • 24-7 Personal Contact Support

    This option enables you to learn and be interactive with others chasing their sporting and fitness goals. You will also have access to your coach 24 hours a day and be part of a community where FAQ's are answered and backed from science-based research and professional experience.

Payment Options

*pw is our weekly subscription option. Charging you a fee each week for the 12-week period.

*P&S is our pay and save option. Paying for your 12-week program up front means you only pay for the same rate as 10-weeks subscription, saving you money in the long term!